Playing Second Fiddle to your Man's Job

Read the following story and tell me if you think Vonny did the right thing. What would you do in her shoes?

I was feeling real good and was headed out to Beck's Lounge for a little hang time with my gals. As I strolled leisurely along Torres Avenue, someone bellowed my name. I turned and........Christ, I haven't seen this guy in months!

"Steeeeeve!" I screamed as we both ran to hug each other. We were still busy forming 'long lost love' when a car horn blared, forcing us off the middle of the road. Never mind the driver's cursing, Steve and I had a lot to catch up on. With my initial date temporarily forgotten, we headed to the closest eatery. I was still filling Steve in on 'what's new' when my three phones started buzzing all at once. With profuse apologies, I placated my gals and then agreed to come back to Steve in two hours.

My friends were sulking when I got to Beck's Lounge. I apologized again and soon enough, we were 'sniffing' up some Smirnoff with nkwobi while updating each other on other people's relationships- you know the girl gossip thingy now. Two hours flew by quickly and my pals made faces when I told them I had to leave.

As I walked off, one of them yelled, "Vonny, na man dey make you run leave us, shey?"

I chuckled and thought, how true that is. As I got into a cab, I began reminiscing on my first meeting with Steve several months ago.

My computer has been blanking out on me repeatedly in the past few days, causing me to lose some of my work each time. So that last day it happened, I took it as the perfect excuse to see my gal-buddy, Rebecca, and drag her to lunch with me. Now Rebecca owns Becca ICT Inc. so of course, my laptop will be fixed with no charge. As I climbed up the stairs to Becca's, a guy darted from a corner and ran into me, causing me to drop my laptop. He apologized profusely but it was of no use, my laptop was gone! Becca was out in seconds, apologizing and offering to get me another. The guy was one of her staff so the loss made Becca feel really bad. We still got to talk a bit as I picked a new one, but couldn't go for lunch.

I was over at Lagoon restaurant the next day, waiting for my brother so we could have our once-a-month dinner when I spotted the guy from Becca's office, strolling in. I bowed my head hoping if wouldnt see me.

"Hello there. We didnt get properly acquinted yesterday. I am Steve. Do you mind if I join you till your guest arrives?"

He didnt wait for a reply and note, he didnt say anything about my laptop. My initial thought was to throw him off but I changed my mind and he turned out to be a lot of fun. After an hour, it was more than apparent that my brother had stood me up, so we just went on enjoying the evening.

By now you may have guessed that Steve and I became a little more than friends but that's it! We have never been able to move past there- which is nowhere. Barely two months after the incident with my laptop, Steve left Becca's to start his own company. I was ecstatic! We got along great but Steve was so into his company that there was no room for 'us' to exist. Three months after he started his company, I got called out of Lagos for two months to voice a 3D animated movie, and we became lost in our separate worlds.

Once out of the taxi, I strode towards the eatery, barely able to contain my excitement. At the door, I stopped short. Steve was already sitted inside, waiting for me. Looking at him through the glass door now, I felt it wrong to walk in there and more or less, start all over again. Steve is the best but he is married to his work. He is the kind of guy you might have to date(alongside his job) for six years before he marries you, only to play second fiddle to his job.

The thought of it all overwhelmed me with sadness. I slowly let go of the door handle I had been holding and walked away.


This is a short story by Evon Pink, and she blogs at Maxi Express! If you have any stories or articles you want to share here, contact me.