Nigerian Love - Romantic names in local languages

I got this email from one of my new readers and I wanted to share with you guys so you can also add your perspective. Now this post is not about inter-cultural relationships or the people in the email in particular, I just want us to share our experiences about Nigerian love and romance. How do we keep our relationships fresh and fun?

Hi Myne! I ran across your very interesting site as I was attempting to find a romantic name or phrase for my new friend, (insert igbo male name here). He is Nigerian... but I am already smitten. We both ... agreed to keep our courtship fresh and fun. i know nothing about African men...what offends them, their culture. Could u help me understand the culture a little better please?! Thanks in Advance...

I'll use Atala and I as an example. I am from Asaba and can only speak Igbo fluently, with very small dashes of Hausa and Yoruba. Atala is Yoruba but barely speaks it, I've never heard him hold a conversation in it. So, we speak English to each other, all the time. I'm not very good with new languages but we try to teach each other bits and pieces of Yoruba and Igbo in fun ways. We're not succeeding much I can tell you :)

Now to the romance bit. I don't know about you all, but there are times when English is not enough and I just want to express my love in my mother tongue. Now, I don't think Igbos are given to vocal outbursts of affection but they are not completely without either so I have a few in my arsenal.I have also heard about what the Yoruba call Oriki (praise singing) and find it awesome. I wish I could do that, I would be rubbing Atala's head everyday, the guy is just too much. Of course some of it will fly over his head, lol...

Some words and phrases, both Igbo and Yoruba I use at sweet moments include Obim(my heart), Nkem (my own), Ife mi (my love), Usom (my sweetie), Oko mi (my husband), and Nwoke oma (good man). Those versed in titles can add more like - Nwoke di mma Nwoke eji eje mba, Ife nkili, etc (Please add more). Oh yes, I love you in Igbo is A hurum gi n'anya, and in Yoruba, mo fe e

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