How to Recognize a Player?

Babs from my upcoming manuscript has got me thinking of players. But funny thing was, when I typed "who's a player" on search, it threw up links to players in sports, including wiki for Most Valuable Player. Of course, I meant a player in the dating game. Isn't it funny how life and society rewards people who play the best game, those who do whatever it takes to win. In dating however, many different opinions abound.

Some people say dating is a game, and so they need to play their best game, or play by the rules. Others say dating should only be a precursor to a steady relationship, like a long-term romance or marriage, and so no hanky-panky should be allowed. Players, and there are both male and female, definitely excel at hanky-panky, and in dating, some of them are as follows;

- They usually don't pick or answer their phone in the presence of their current partner.
- They usually do not like PDA, or may blow hot and cold depending on who's looking. The male player wants to show off to his mates, but not when other girls are around. Same with the girl.
- The above also goes with how they answer your phone, sometimes with all the sweet words, and other times, can't wait to get off your phone with no "I love you" or goodbye.
- They usually have at least one back-up to the person they're dating. Sometimes more. Have you heard of the guy with one lady for each day of the week, or the one with a guy in every city she visits?
- They're usually good looking, and they know it - checking in glass doors or car mirrors, going to the bathroom to powder, looking in their compact half the time.
- Their relationships usually don't last too long, either they want to move on, or their partner gets tired of the little games they play.
- They rarely want to take dating to the next level, so for them meeting your friends or family is a no-no
- They are usually very charming, they know all the right words to say, all the buttons to press. You're putty in their hands before you even say hi back.

I've come full circle cos the last describes Babs to a tee. Even Dunni's cousin describes him as a perfect gentleman. So the book will also be asking, can a player change? Can he settle down with one woman? We shall see.

In the mean time, do you know any players? Have I missed out any details? Please share.