Getting to know you Blogfest

1. Name two [romantic suspense] authors who inspire you.

Nora Roberts and Francine Rivers. I love Nora R. for her versatility and longevity, as well as how prolific she has been. The fact that she uses a pen name in some of her writing, just like I do also means I have a special spot for her.

Francine is just such an awesomewriter, my best romance novel so far is Redeeming Love. The way she plumbs my emotions is almost second to none. She may be considered more inspirational romance than romantic suspense but her books do keep me on tenterhooks till I'm done.

2. How did you start writing in your genre?

I've been reading romance novels since I was around 10 or so, from Bertha M.Clay, to Barbara Cartland and Denis Robins and finally the Mills and Boon/ Harlequin series. When I started writing a novella in my second year in University, I think romance came naturally.

3. You've landed a meeting with your dream agent. Write a one paragraph pitch to sell your novel to him/her. (This is still tentative)

While in Nigeria, fiery Dunni is seduced by the perfect smile of local lothario, Babs, and starts a holiday romance. But their sizzling affair soon matures into something deeper as Babs proves he’s more than just a hot body. When Dunni finds out that he may have gotten someone else pregnant, will their fledgling love survive Bab’s decision to face up to his responsibilities?

4. Sabotage or accident- which would put your female lead through and why?

Sabotage. I think this leads to more excitement and confusion, definitely more suspense.

5. Plotter or Pantser? Who are you?

Is there an inbetween? I plot a little, I know the story, and I know some of the scenes and characters, and then I start writing.


This Blogfest is a carryover from the Platform Building Campaign and was organised by JL Campbell of the Character Depot