On-camera audience: Extreme Makeover - Weight Loss Edition

Some weeks ago, I got an email invitation from on-camera audiences to be at the Tacoma filming of a local resident's big reveal for Extreme Makeover - Weight Loss Edition, and I clicked delete. If you remember, I had enjoyed being part of the Seattle X-Factor taping which was like a concert, with the added sugar of seeing Simon Cowell and his gang. But though we had followed the first season of this new ABC show and liked the idea and the presenter, Tacoma was over an hour away from us, and I thought the drive would be too much hassle. A week later, another email came saying The Harlem Globetrotters would be playing a live game for the audience. I was like, really!?
 We had seen two members of the globetrotters on The Amazing Race (TV show on CBS) and was bowled over by what the team was all about, so it was easy to convince Atala of a night out. But guess what? When we got there, the line was really long, as we found out  that The Globetrotters were a massive draw.

We were at the back of the line and I was smiling until I found out that by virtue of being late (we got stuck in traffic) we were going to miss the globetrotter's performance. I spent the rest of the time sulking to Atala and apologizing for dragging us all the way.

But things turned out fine in the end because on the way out, we saw Chris Powell, the presenter of the TV show and he was lovely enough to take a picture with us. Will I be going for another on-camera audience event? Well, it's a treat for me to see people from TV, but maybe I won't be going so far next time :)

All in all, it was a nice time out. Hope your weekend has been relaxing so far? What are your own favorite TV shows, and who is a TV person you would like to see?