How to find out what your blog readers want

As a blogger trying to stay on top of my game, one thing I do is look through my blog stats. They give me an idea about what my audience likes, what brings new readers etc. I have a free account with that gives some pretty robust figures.

Also, the local blogger stats also tells me where most of my traffic come from (Google and Blogger) as well as what they're searching for (Myne Whitman and Relationship questions). These stats help me decide which of my blog ideas to turn to posts and which to postpone, or simply discuss with friends and family.

In a retrospective manner, the top posts on a blog also tells a lot about the direction of the blogger. I think my list below is very telling, I am indeed a versatile blogger. I blog about life (Opinion articles or Roundtable discussions), love (Relationship articles and Real Love Stories), Books (WIP and Guest Authors) and Nigeria (News and Opinion) and these are all reflected in the top posts.

I have listed below the top ten posts on this blog (All Time) and here's what's up for grabs. A $25 Amazon gift card, and if you're in Nigeria, you get my two books free. How to win. Guess the top 5, and put them with the highest ranking first, second, and so on. The person with the correct top five wins. If more than one person guesses right, the one who gets them in the correct order wins. So, guess away...

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