Do men actually resent women who earn more money?

So yesterday on my WIP, we read about Dunni being an intelligent, high earning women. In her experience, men resent such women, and next week, you'll be reading further details.
There have also been recent commentary in the media on this topic. Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker was reported on the Huffington Post as saying;
"[Men] like [smart women] after marriage. They don't like them before they are married. You got to dumb it down a little because men are not that bright."
Amara, a Nigerian columnist for PM News wrote in an article titled "Reasons you're not married";
Another reason is that with your good job and salary, they [men] are even afraid to come near you as they wouldn’t want to be turned down.
Personally, I'll like to believe I match those specs. I worked and earned good money before I got married. I did not dumb down or anything, but it did take time to find THE ONE. My dating was very sparse both while working in Nigeria and in the UK before I met Atala. But of course, I know that intelligence and earning power are not the only determinants of attraction or relationships. There are several other factors.

What is your own view? Have you experienced this or someone you know? If you're a guy, does it even matter? Let's discuss.