How to Express Love to your Wife

Sometime ago on Facebook, someone shared on how express love to your husband. This was shared in the Just Us Girls group by a man so I understand he's talking to his audience. So, I'm closing my eyes to the sexism in the list, that's a post for another day. But I feel there's a lacuna in that hardly any relationship expert advises the men, so this is my own version of how to express love to your wife. Enjoy the rest of the list after the break. More love to us all...
1. Say “I love you” often to him her.
2. Tell him her often that you are happy to marry him her.
3. Cook his her food promptly.
4. Listen to him her when he she talks.
5. Pray Talk with him her often.
6. Sit on his her lap when you are alone, and also in public.
7. Tell him her he she is handsome, brilliant and wealthy everything to you.
8. Occasionally, take his her food to him her in the bedroom before he she gets up especially on weekends.
9. Sit down with him her as he she watches football her favorite show or any other programme on TV.
10. Learn some things about his her job and discuss these with him her.

11. Scrub his her back for him her in the bathroom as you take your bath together.
12. Write a love letter and post it to him her in the office.
13. Call him her on phone just to say, “I love you”.
14. Give him her gifts often.
15. Tell him her that the best thing that ever happened to you after your salvation is him her.
16. Ask for his her opinion often and follow it. This will boost his her ego.
17. Sit down with him her in the living room and place your head on his her lap when alone, and also when people are there.
18. If your children do anything good, tell them they took after their father mother.
19. Take the first move in bed. Tell him her gently “I want your touch, my love,” Don’t be ashamed demanding. He She is your husband wife, not a slave.
20. Write love poems for him her and read it to him her as he she is relaxing
21. Welcome him home with a hug.
22. Ask for forgiveness when you offend him.
23. Never disagree with him publicly.
24. Laugh to his jokes even though you have heard them so many times. It shows him you love him.
25. Read the Bible to his hearing.
26. Never disagree with him when he disciplines the children.
27. Always allow him to teach you and ask questions.
28. Hang his picture in your office and in the room.
29. When he is not driving and you are travelling together, place your head on his chest or lap and sleep off.
30. Love his mother and other relations.
31. Never raise your voice when talking to him.
32. Whisper in his ears when he is in the crowd and tell him “I love you”, “you are handsome”, “you look like a king”.
42. Ask him what do you want me to do better in my cooking?
43. Write and paste a romantic message for him in the bedroom.
44. Help him to massage his body; spend time on the back, thigh, tummy, chest, face, buttocks, leg, etc.
45. Send gifts to his mother often
46. Give him the needed attention
47. Prepare his favourite meal for him
48. Dress well and walk smartly
49. Help him as he dresses out for an outing
50. Appreciate him at the end of the month in company of the children for taking care of you throughout the month.

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