The Face of Babs - help me decide

It's a new week, people, do I have some goodies for you! :)

I said on the last excerpt that you guys should expect a Babs side of the story soon but when I got ready to share another snippet from my WIP, I got into a debate with myself on the picture to use for him. I want you guys to help me decide.

To be honest, my male lead in this work in progress started life as Wale, he was supposed to be one of the side characters from A Love Rekindled (Kevwe's roommate in Uni). Back then, his namesake, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje - previously of LOST, was my visual cue.

And then the name changed to Babs and Dunni started praising his smile, and it was Hakeem Kae-Kazeem that came to mind. I confess I fell in love with his smile when I saw him as the male lead in INALE, a romantic folktale from Nollywood.

But wait, I was doing my rounds one day while writing and one blogger, I think it was Lady Ngo, was listing her chocolate addictions and included Idris Elba. I decided that he did actually have a cute smile and since then, he sometimes crops up when I think of Babs.

So who should be the face of Babs?

PS, some of you may know that Boris Kodjoe is my number one eye candy. Unfortunately, he doesn't make this list, not because there's anything wrong with his smile, but he's not dark enough. :)