Face to face with Simon Cowell - X-Factor Auditions Seattle

So I've been a fan of the X-factor reality show since I lived in the UK and I missed it when I moved here, the American Idol couldn't compare, especially without Simon Cowell. You see, I had developed this love-hate relationship with him, or his personality as a judge. He got my admiration for being very creative and hard working, and I liked his wit and that he could be quite honest. I won't really call the other part hate, lol...I just wished I had his caustic tongue in certain situations (like when I get all those FB messages from bone headed men), and of course so much money can't be bad for you, hehehe...

Anyway, I checked my email a few weeks ago and found a complimentary ticket from one of our favorite concert venues for the audience taping of X-Factor (yes, it's coming to FOX in the fall). I thought it was an upsell at first but it was the genuine awoof. So I quickly booked my ticket, and last week, off I went. Simon Cowell is just as bad in real life as on the TV, Nicole Scherzinger introduced him as the prince of darkness and I'm sure some of those who auditioned will think so too. But there's a sense of humor there and that will certainly have me waiting for all the episodes of the American X-Factor.

Some Pictures for those who can't watch the videos. Enjoy and have a great week!