Tag - What is in my Bag?

So I was among those tagged by Sisi Yemmie to do this meme where I have to show you all my regular bag, and what I usually have inside it.

So I use two bags interchangeably but this meduim sized black and brown print Nine West gets more action cos it doesn't select clothes. LOL...I can't remember if I said that correctly. Anyway, you have seen the other bag I carry if you read my post on Relationship 15. Now to the contents of the bag. True confession, I like a chunky bag and always stuff things in :).

Starting from the Bottom middle and clockwise to the left -

Sanitary pads - my periods like the element of surprise.
Kindle - Better than carrying books around. Now I can read my romances without strange stares.
Umbrella - It does rain quite a bit in these parts, can't wait for our road trip.
Makeup Bag - Mostly lipstick, mascara, and some other small orisi-risi
Powder brush and Lip gloss - cannot fit into the makeup bag
MP3 Player, 8GB Flash Drive - Contains most of my music and other files.
Aleve Pain reliever - For PMS and other headaches and pains.
Long Purse/ Small Purse - Long for cash and small for cards and ID
My Books - I am a business woman, hehehehe...

Middle Left and anti-clockwise to the right

BB Torch - Got if just before my trip to Naija, ended not being able to unlock it cos it was so brand new and had to use my nokia.
Camera Pouch - Used the camera inside to take these pictures
Nine West case with glasses inside - used mostly for driving and distance
My Sunglasses in a cloth bag - It is cheap so no worries.
Hugo Woman - Small perfume bottle to freshen up sometimes
Neutrogena hand cream - I have the toughest palms, you won't believe.
MAC Foundation and Powder - Mineralize (recently changed over from Studio)
Pens - I usually have a few, and they come in handy for book signings too.
Keys - Including Car, House, Mail. Keyholder from my NYSC boss's trip to Zimbabwe so have had it for almost 10 years now. Correct leather.

And that is it o, if you want to do this, just go ahead. I hereby tag you!