Romance on a Road Trip - Salt Lake City, Utah

Hello people, welcome to another week. I want to use this opportunity to welcome all my new followers and commenters. I'm still catching up after our vacation, and if I haven't visited, followed or commented on your blog recently, please let me know in the comments. Now to today's post from one of our stops - Salt Lake City.

Well, you all know I'm a champion for public displays of affection, where I might disagree is with those who want to climb into each other's throats as a definition of affection. If you wanna get sexual, find a room already, lol. Anyway, something happened during our trip and I couldn't help falling in love all over again.

So we got to Salt Lake City in the evening after a long drive, and I was happy to check in to our hotel and freshen up. Though the clock said 6pm, the sun was so high in the sky and HOT! We decided to relax and wait for it to cool a bit. Not wanting to while away the city, we made plans to hit it for a movie and dinner out.

Atala decided to make the arrangements and after checking on the internet, found a cinema in the area. Since it was a multiplex, I knew there has to be a restaurant nearby and hope we could get both things done with less stress. At first, I wanted to drive us there but Atala said it shouldn't be more than 10mins. Of course I already knew he loves us taking walks together.

An so we strode into the setting sun. It was still warm but bearable, and some sights like the park above and the murals below, kept us company as we chatted and walked. Sometimes, we were hand in hand, or I had my hand in his back pocket or waist. But after 10mins became 15, I began to flag. Luckily, I had changed into flats when I agreed to walk, but as sweat trickled down my non-existent cleavage, I wondered if we'll ever get there.

"Are we there yet?" I asked as we passed this hotel. But it wasn't it. I began to grumble along with my tummy, we hadn't eaten anything since breakfast in the last city where we has stayed over. He offered to carry me, I reminded of our weight ratio, and we laughed it off.

We soon came to the mural above and I was distracted. This picture doesn't do it justice, it really looks great and so I had to take a picture.

And then we marveled that small Salt Lake City had a tram while Seattle were still discussing ours. Oh well, moving on...

Here we are at the multiplex. We arrived around 8pm, some 25 minutes after we left the motel. I was so happy to see it, I stuffed my camera in the bag so we could find a place to eat. We chose Z-Tejas to get a feel of the South-West Cuisine. The food was great and I was satisfied by the time we were done by about 8.45. The still light airy outside beckoned and we set off again to burn some calories before the movie (X-Men First Class) at 9.50pm.

So we set off on another, more leisurely this time, walk. The shopping complex was called The Gateway (Above) and the centrepiece was a dancing fountain with lights. It was supposed to go off every 30mins so I suggested we go see it. The mood was so romantic. Soft Jazz filled the air from the small, artfully placed speakers along the walkway. Atala is a jazz geek and recognized some of the music as we walked along, belly full, and intertwined arms swinging.

I remember halfway stopping, hitching myself up on a stout post and hugging him in the middle of the street there. We talked sweet nothings for a few minutes before we moved on.

By the time we got to the fountains, it was almost nine. The ground was not too wet, and we wondered if they were still functional and on time. But some kids had towels around themselves as though they had just been in the water. So we waited, and I clicked off a few shots.

The whole circular area with the fountain was themed to the Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City in 2002 and I was amazed at the ways in which we can record history, without shutting it off in museums or galleries. Anyone coming here will note these sponsors of the games, and get a window into the kind of businesses in the area.

Well, 9 o'clock came and went and there was no fountain. We walked about a bit more, took a few more pictures, and then I don't know how it happened. One moment, I was checking out the names on the paving stones (below), and the next, Atala had swung me into his arms and we were dancing. I guess if the fountains refused to dance, we could do it then. There were a few people around but if felt like it was just the two of us.

Though we had taken some classes in Ballroom, we weren't really doing any particular dance. Wrapped in each other, our footsteps shuffled and moved over the ground in no particular order. It was just enough there was no stepping on toes. I laughed out loud when Atala began to move, first in a small box, and then in a wider arc. I was so sorry when it was over. We snuggled on the seats again and shared some kisses. When 9.30 rolled around and no fountain, we moosied on back to the cinema.

On the way, security informed us the fountain closed early on Sunday. Well, fountain or none, I had one of the greatest times of my road trip in that small Gateway Centre. Thanks, Salt Lake City.