Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Videos - Charismatic girl deciphered.

So the MBGN contest is coming up in a few days and the organizers are really utilizing the social media to get the word out. I made a comment on one of the first blogs about the video immediately below where the girls/applicants make the case for why viewers should vote for them. I'm guessing these days judges votes are combined with votes via phone and SMS. Watch the video first...

So I asked on the blog, is it that these are ALL the girls that applied, and the organizers had no choice but to pick them all. Because they spanned the spectrum from some manageable girls to the complete disasters, and I was thinking it was impossible to have selected these finalists form a pool that included worse applicants. I spoke too soon, check the video below...

I was conflicted between the girl with hairy legs (While I do not shave my legs, I won't also apply for a beauty contest), the one or two things ajala travel, and the girl whose vital stats are, "I'm tall, 23, light-skinned and student. Then I got to the undecipherable words, and gave it to her with no contest. Meanwhile, I have deciphered the speech, some of it anyway. And when you read it, you may agree that her heart is in the right place, even if her hair isn't.

"I want to expose the best, the superb in me, expose the superb out in me.
Because I see this as a career, because I want to be a model to other girls out there
I want to create an avenue for achieving, for accomplishment of their dreams
Because I know that there are girls, that are weak, but truly they need sponsorship,
they need our support..."

Honestly, I wish they had allowed her to get to the finals, I would have given her my support immediately, and campaigned for her. Anybody remember Rita from Koko Mansion? LWKMD!

To wrap it all off, please enjoy the spoof below....