Atala Writes - Notes from the Road Trip (2)

Happy weekend everyone, hope the work days went well? Thanks to everyone who contributed to the discussion on Immigration, I appreciated all the different viewpoints. And now Atala's notes continue, please read the first part HERE and leave comments o! LOL...

- One of the problems with long distance driving is that gas stations are spread far apart. And woe betide you if are miles from the nearest gas station and your fuel gauge's warning light is on, as happened to us between Boise and Salt Lake City. Thankfully, we were able to get gas in good time. (By Myne {at a cut-throat price - original 419 gas, even the price was $4.19)

- It's true - the Great Salt Lake is really salty! It's also a bit smelly as well (or maybe it's not the lake, but the plant/animal life in the lake itself).

- During a long drive, it's great to have radio to listen to. But it was frustrating doing this on the move. First, I'd tune, find a station I like, and all would be sweetness. Then little by little, static would begin to intrude into the broadcast until it was almost unlistenable. Then it was time to go nomadic on the radio dial again. Thankfully, I brought along a good selection of CDs (which thankfully don't fade out till they're done playing).

- One thing the trip reminded me of is my acrophobia. OK, no need to rush for the dictionary - that means 'fear of heights'. I was reminded of it on the drive to the Grand Canyon, as we drove down steep and twisty roads from which you could see views hundreds of feet below. I was reminded of it again as I saw Nkem balance precariously on the edge of the Grand Canyon without a care in the world.

- I have three words to describe Las Vegas. Tacky. Gaudy. And very, very brash. In fact, if Las Vegas was a country, its flag would have a great big dollar sign on it. A dollar sign embroidered in lights. Multicoloured lights would would change colour and flash repeatedly.

- In contrast, I found Sacramento to be much more chilled out and laid back. Maybe it's because I was glad to be back in cooler climes, away from the relentless heat of the south west.

- We didn't really get the chance to stop off at Portland, but from the highway, it did look very much like Seattle to me.

- And lastly, after a week on the road, driving on the familiar stretches of the I-5 and I-405 - usually an unremarkable experience - was a very welcome close to our trip!