Atala Writes - Notes from the Road Trip (1)

Did I tell you guys that Atala wanted to share some notes about our trip? This is not a narrative, just short bytes that stuck with him. Enjoy...

- We left Seattle on Saturday morning around 8am and what a difference mountains make. As soon as we crossed the Cascades, it was goodbye woodland and wetness... hello scrub and sunshine. The reduced vegetation enabled us to see the wide blue sky touch the horizon, and at first, my reaction was 'wow'! But after a while, I began to miss the clouds in the sky, especially because the further south we went, the hotter it became.

- I'm used to city downtowns being very dense, bustling places, but Boise (and to a lesser extent, Salt Lake City) really made me think differently. I found them very suburban and spaced out. I guess that's what happens when you have lots of space to play with.

- We spent our time in quite a variety of hotels. There were some which were multistorey, with valets and decor (in Las Vegas). And there were some which were much more down to earth, with separate bungalows (near Grand Canyon). But they were all very comfortable - good to know, especially after drives of several hours. And quite a few of them had seriously discounted rates, too. :)

- At first, I thought they were bird droppings. Then I thought we'd run over some muck which had spattered upwards. But it looks like the culprit for the splatter that we found on our windscreen during our drive was... bugs - at least, if this link is to be believed.

What I found baffling was that in many cases, the splatter was transparent, with not trace of wings or legs. What was even weirder was how frequently the splatter would happen. Sometimes, it would be well spaced out, happening every few hours, but there was a case where a battalion of bugs must have struck the windscreen at all once, almost completely obscuring the view!

- At first, I was wondering why I had to grip the steering wheel to keep the car straight when driving south to Salt Lake City. Then when we stopped to change over and I stepped out and BFFFFF! There was a serious breeze blowing out there from the south. What a waste. Imagine all that wind that could have been turned into electricity! It also made me wish we had planned our journey so that we were going north instead.

To Be Continued...
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