Picture Weekend - Bellevue Botanical Garden

I've missed having this feature on my blog for a while now. Blame the weather that made it not so appealing to be outdoors as much as one would like, and also means that pictures taken would not look good, due to poor lighting. When there's rain, I don't even want to bring out my camera! Anyway, these are taken with my Blackberry camera, so bear with the quality.

A lovely, welcoming garden in my city. We decided to go after seeing an article in the local paper about it. The weather still isn't that great, but hey, that's what jackets and hats are meant for, right?

It definitely does grow! Lots of different plants and flowers, thriving even in the cold weather. Kudos to the gardeners.

I'm practicing my professional photography skills here...

I was scared the rocks were precariously balanced, but he proved they were glued? together somehow.

I don't think I got this beautiful miniature waterfall as I wanted, but it passes.

OK, me. You know who's behind the camera.

I think this is almost perfect! I just caught that beam of light coming through the trees. I just need someone on that rock to complete the iconic picture.

Don't ask me what he said, and then his shadow almost spoiled the shot. LOL...

Ehen, I'm more composed here.

The sculpture just gave me ideas, I'm going to fly too!

Location shot...as we make our way back...

 Like this rock, we'll always be here.Thanks for coming, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.