Now will you help me write my future? Real Love Story

So you might have been wondering who N from the last post was. It's The Wordsmythe. She has her blog HERE, and is also a writer, and aspiring author. She is blogging every week this year, so make sure to follow her. Read on...

It was Sunday the 16th of February 2003, two days after Valentine’s Day. Another Valentine’s Day which had come and gone with no significant other for me! That was about to change!

The pastor asked us to pair up, share a prayer point each and pray for one another. For some strange reason and in quick time, everyone around me was partnered up leaving me to wander around the aisle looking for some other hapless soul.

It turned out that everyone in the auditorium had a partner except for me so the pastor asked me to be a third wheel to whichever pair would let me. I looked around noticed this tall, dark and handsome guy (I mean that literally) grinning like the cat who got all the cream. I’d never seen this guy in church before so I thought he might be visiting. He and his partner beckoned me over and we prayed for each other having shared our requests.

After the service, I got talking with the guy. It turned out he’d been attending the church for a while. We exchanged e-mail address and promised to stay in touch. I also asked him to give a friend a ride when he told me where he lived.

For the next two weeks we communicated by email, getting to know each other. As I read his emails, he struck me as the type of man I’d been praying about for a husband. He seemed caring, generous, kind and chivalrous. He cared deeply about his family and seemed loyal to his friends. I could tell he was a conscientious worker as well.

Our first telephone conversation lasted about four hours, going on into the early hours of the morning. Needless to say, neither of us was very productive at work that day. A month to the day we met, again after a church service, he handed me a tatty little exercise book. It was his maths book from primary school. In it, he’d written a note which read;

This is my past. Now will you help me write my future?

That marked the beginning of our 17 month courtship.

In November 2003, we went on to visit with his family on the East Coast of America. A friend of mine who lived in Canada at the time was visiting her cousin upstate New York so we decided to go and see her.

We wanted to see the Empire State building but the queue was an hour long so I said we should leave off and do something else. He offered to pay for the fast-track queue but it would have cost something like an additional $50 or $60 each. I thought that was a waste of money.

He suggested we go to Central Park. I couldn’t imagine traipsing around the park in New York’s sub-zero November temperatures so again, I said no. Finally we were at Grand Central waiting for a coach back Hightstown when he asked me to go with him to see the lights in the grand hall. By this time I was exhausted from a full day out and turned him down yet again.

We got back to his aunt’s and were in the middle of a conversation when he got up, went to the dining table, then came back. Before I could make sense of what was going on, he got down on one knee and held out a diamond ring! Apparently he’d planned to propose atop the Empire State building, in Central Park or the Grand Central Station and I’d thwarted everyone of his plans.

He reeled off a speech but to this day, I don’t know what he said as I burst into tears and covered my face with my hands, overwhelmed by it all. I said yes and the rest is not history at all! We got married in August 2004 and have two sons.Our marriage has been like wine, it’s gotten better with age and he’s still as romantic as ever, if not more.


Now, now now, that is not the end. I just have to share this post of N's 40th Birthday with you. Mo'Cushla made sure was one of a kind. This kind love eh? LOL...CLICK HERE

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