Picture Weekend - As the Youth Corps leave Camp


Right now in Nigeria, those taking part in the National Youth Service Corps are leaving their training at the orientation camps and taking up their primary assignment. The NYSC programme is a  mandatory one year service for all university graduates. You get sent to a city or state different from yours to get some paramilitary training, help develop your new local community and get some work experience with companies or the government service. Hearing stories from corper bloggers sent me reminiscing about my own youth corp year. I enjoyed my time at the Abuja Kubwa camp and stayed on in Abuja for several years after the youth service.

Many people think otherwise, but I say, Viva NYSC!

One of those early mornings, singing the national anthem. No actually, I think this was at a more official parade. We didn't usually wear the ceremonial top otherwise.

My Platoon drill team, can't even remember whether it was 8 or 12. We had mad sun marching under the rain and in the sun. Our commander, we affectionately called, Banger-Banger. Everyone according to him was a banger.

During the endurance trek, this was at a top point around Gwarimpa, you can city part of the city below.

Camp fire night. My hair was a mess, I'd just been to the salon for a touch up which was done by a not so good stylist. I wore mufti but put on the Khaki when it became too cold.

Fresh faced graduate. I was feeling homesick that day. :)

Yeah, I tried some volleyball while on camp. Still the only sport I still play once in a while. my platoon came 2nd or 3rd place at the last competition.

Being punished what else? Luckily it wasn't too sunny that day because we sat there for hours.

Cooling down after a morning run. That month in camp must have been my fittest ever. We woke up by 5am each day for an hour's athletic run with warm-ups before and after. I think I was asking the photographer not to take the picture. 

I was one of the experienced marchers, I took part in those children's day marching both in primary and secondary school. 

Right at the front. And yeah, another day of plain clothes. Banger Banger was a friend, and sometimes I complained that the khaki trouser was too big to practice in.

More endurance trek, taking a pit stop to refuel on food and drinks. I think the endurance trek covers about 10 miles or so. It seemed like we walked for forever, but it was about 5 hours or so sha.

My friend had not been feeling well bu the commandant insisted she go too. I kept her company and walked at her pace. And we completed it too, yay!