What have we done? - WIP

I decided to follow them into the bedroom. :)

Kevwe lost all his clothes on the way to the bedroom but Efe still had on her bra and panties when he pushed her down onto the cool sheets and covered her with his lean frame. His lips caught hers again in a kiss so deep, it swept away whatever remained of her senses. He stroked his tongue slow and deep into her mouth till she reciprocated. Before long she was aroused to fever pitch again. They broke apart, their breath ragged. His glittering eyes pierced her to the bed as his large hands moved to her hips.

Kevwe slowly and gently removed the scrap of lace that was her underwear, his eyes still holding hers. She lay still, though her long legs shifted restlessly against his as the red thong slid along them. He sat up and admired how she had matured. She was beautiful. Her dark long hair framed her heart-shaped face to perfection. Her half-open lips were like a cupid’s bow and her eyes were almost closed, lashes lying against her high cheekbones. He looked lower to the pouting globes of her breasts. The cups of her front clasp bra pushed their swell out to him. His hands moved to them and he flung the bra aside.

It became frenzied after that. They became a wild passionate tangle of naked arms and legs. Their hands and mouths searched for the nearest body part to touch and kiss and caress. Efe gave in the pleasure of it all – the feel of his fingers on her face, her breasts, her stomach, her thighs, between her legs. He touched her in places no one else had and in ways she could never had imagined. Her breathing turned choppy till she gasped for air and release. “Kevwe please…” she pleaded.

She clung to him, twisting and turning against the now rumpled sheets. He felt the wet of tears against her cheek but didn’t know if they were his or hers or if they were both crying. He’d never felt like this before, had thought this day would never come. Now it was here, he almost didn’t want it to end. He slid into her and had a short moment where he thought he would faint or come immediately. He paused to get his breath back and then began to move. She caught up with the rhythm and they were hurtling without stop.

Her release came first. He hung on to her with a moan and then let go. She came again with his orgasm and as her inner muscles worked on him, he collapsed against her. It had been a long time coming and his heart pumped in tune with his protracted release. When he came back to himself, she clung to him sobbing and kissing the hairs on his damp chest. He gathered her into his arms, stroking her hair behind her ears and whispering soft words. She stopped crying but remained by him as her breath gentled and evened out. Kevwe kept staring at the sleeping features till the arms of Morpheus enveloped him too.


When Efe woke, she fell into reality with a thud. The familiar nightmare had woken her and she wiped off the tears that stained her cheeks. Dawn was breaking outside her curtains but her heart was trapped in the darkness of the past. Kevwe lay beside her; they were both naked and on top of the duvet. He was going to leave her again, she knew it. She also knew who to blame for getting carried away. It wasn’t his fault for seducing her. He’d asked plainly and she’d walked into her destruction with open eyes.

He turned in his sleep and placed a heavy hand across her stomach. Efe flinched and jerked away. She felt clammy and quickly crawled under the cover of the duvet.

Kevwe woke up with the cool air from the air conditioner blowing against his skin. He shifted against the pillows with a groan but when he tried to join Efe under the duvet she moved away hugging it close to her breasts. He cracked open one eye and looked at her unwelcoming back. He stretched out a hand but she shrugged it off her shoulder.

“Don’t touch me.”

Kevwe sat up in confusion. After last night, a withdrawal was the last thing he expected. He turned her towards him peered into her face. “Is something wrong?”

“What have we done?” Efe whispered.

“What do you mean by that?” Kevwe frowned. He was beginning to feel cold and it wasn’t just physical. He knew he was not going to like what was about to happen and began to shore up his heart in preparation. He would not be caught unawares again.

“What have I done” Efe repeated this time to herself.

She felt ashamed. What had she been thinking? The problem was that she hadn’t been thinking at all last night. She had gone ahead to tumble straight into bed with him on the first day, even though they had so many things they had yet to clear up. There had certainly been an accident, his scars were enough proof. But when had it occurred? Before or after Ovie had seen him with another woman? What had really happened then?

“Excuse me,” Kevwe muttered. He needed to use the toilet and could see a door that looked as if it led to an en-suite. He got boldly out of the bed, but when he turned to look at her, his heart sank at what he saw. He felt he was being measured and found wanting. He became self-conscious and tried to camouflage his limp. In the toilet, he leaned against the wall and damned the fates who had chosen to curse him. When he got back to the room, Efe had dressed in jeans and a long sleeved sweater.

He picked his jeans which were on the floor near the door and stepped into them. He walked into the living room, picking up his clothes along the way. She followed with arms wrapped around her like a shield. There was no doubt about it, she regretted last night. So be it. He wished they had not made love first before thrashing out the thorny issues of their past. He sat on the settee where it had all started last night and put on his shirt silently. She took the chair opposite looking anywhere but at him.

“So let’s talk,” he said.


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