My Birthday, Shoutout to my peeps...

No rushing now, the cake will get to everyone OK? :) *clearing throat*  Allow me first to do this special shout out to the following people;

Shorty - if you look at my left sidebar, you'll see that she's my #1 Feedback Star! For the year plus of this blog, she has been consistent, as shown in the top feedbackers list too. Also she's been going through some tough times lately, so you all can go to her blog and show some love.

2cute4u - What can I say? This lady is a human dynamo. She almost single-handedly launched Naija Stories through our first contest. I think I'm still owing her sef. You have a beautiful heart dear and it shows. Look forward to meeting you.

OmoteedLaw - When we say it's a small world, we usually don't know how true it is. This is one blogger I know I've seen, back in Abuja when I was a hustling bank marketer. I tried to sell her some financial products. She was one of the nice potentials, lol. Hi dearie, *waves*

Neefemi - My one and only blogsville birthday mate. Head over and share some of the good wishes. She is a soulmate too. From her blog, I think we're alike personality wise, she's also a talented writer, and with an ear for my type of music too.

Harry Itie - A hardworking used-to-be student, Harry is now a graduate and heading off to Zamfara for his youth service. He needs all the prayers and help he can get, and I wish him more blessings.

SugarKing - If it's not too strange that I should have a namesake on blogsville, then what about the fact that his twin is my dad's namesake? Interesting isn't it? Well I'm proud to call him sake m, the guy's lines are hilarious and he makes music too...

Nitty-Gritty - The unapologetic housewife, just like me, lol. This is one honest lady, and even when we have different views of stuff, I see the realness in her opinions. Keep it up sis.

Lahrah - There is nothing as an author, well for me anyway, that beats knowing that people are reading my book(s). So it was an early birthday present yesterday to read her last post. Go check it out and follow her blog. She also has another for supporting African talent. Kudos

If I continue listing everyone, this will be a very long post but I have to mention some people who have been uber supportive of me and my work; All the people who took part in the Cupid's Risk Series (a new one is coming soon BTW), all the people who still have my badges and links on their sidebars, especially Muyiwa Celebregion, Verastic, and LindaIkeji.

If I haven't called your name, despair not. I'm sure I'm following you and so your name will come up on my blogroll which I have put up again. If you're not on that list, simply follow me and leave a comment to let me know. For those that want to call, the number is _ The missing last number comes before 10, same number of digits as is currently there, and that will bring them up to 10. Confused yet? LOL...If you do get through, I'll know you're not a bot and you really really mean to call. And yeah, remember the US country code.


If you can't call, but you want to give me a gift. The best thing you can do is buy my book, I am running a promo from now till the end of the month. You can order directly from me through the Paypal on my sidebar. The price is now $11.99 or $14.99 for the autographed. The eBook is $3.99 as is the Amazon Kindle version too. You can also ask at your local bookstore or library, thanks in advance.

Finally, what do you think of my new template? Poll is on the left sidebar.

Happy Birthday to me...Let's cut the cake!