Is this what you want? - WIP

Now, don't go thinking this is the end. Some of you probably know that sex only complicates things, right? That's exactly what happens here. Read on...

“Efe, we need to forget the past.” Kevwe gripped her hand tighter. “You’re right about one thing, we were both hurt but we can overcome it.”

“Do you think that is possible?” Efe gazed at him as the walls around her heart crumbled. He was really serious? In counterpoint to her nightmares of their break-up was the dream that one day he would beg her to take him back. But not like this. She didn’t want to sweep the events of the past under the carpet. She would have jumped to her feet if the feel of his fingers kneading hers on her laps were not so distracting.

“I think I need to convince you,” he said suddenly, his eyes glowing. “Let me show you how much I’ve missed you,” he murmured.

Suggestively, his fingers stroked over her slender knuckles and along the length of her thigh. A rush of pleasure suffused her brain as he leaned towards her. His manly scent flooded her senses and her head swam. God, she wanted to melt into him. Her heart jumped within her as she remembered how it used to be between them.

They had been young, so much in love with each other. It had been special. They’d shared so much together, she had done everything he’d wanted. What was he was asking for now? Should she allow it? She’d missed him so much and maybe this would release her from the prison of the past.

She whispered his name like a plea and shifted toward him. He fit between her thighs like they were made for him. The loneliness that lay against her broken heart like a piece of hard ice thawed in that moment. Their lips met and clung. It started gently but in an instant the kiss became hot, and then turned hungry and desperate. The hurts of the past disappeared; the only thing that mattered in that moment was the heat of togetherness.

He pressed her back against the settee and lowered his body next to hers. She lifted her face again to his and her eyes looked back at him with a mixture of desire and passion. She caught the back of his head in her hands and pulled his mouth to hers. He was breathing heavily and came to her lips like a magnet. When he kissed her, they both shook as their tongues dueled. Efe had never experienced anything as exciting as Kevwe’s kiss; forgotten sensations swept over her as his lips continued to move on hers. Soon they parted for breath and he smiled at her.

“You’re so beautiful,” the soft whisper caressed her.

The lights in the apartment were dim and the hum of the air conditioner covered them like a blanket. She pushed his jacket aside and fumbled with the buttons of his shirt. Once she had the top three open she ran her open palm against the wiry hair on his chest, over his shoulder and down his muscular back. She loved the feel and taste of him. She loved the texture of his tongue playing with hers and the warmth of his skin against her hands. She loved him, period.

Kevwe groaned and lifted himself enough to fling off the jacket and pull his shirt out of the jeans. Her slim fingers skimmed the top of the trousers around the front tab and she felt his breath hitch in his chest. Her body quivered to his touch as he lowered himself. Her nipples were erect before he pulled the stretchy bodice of her dress down. She closed her eyes and savored the pressure of his lips on her and the way his tongue flicked sharp nicks of pleasure deep within her as they moved. Before long, his hands began to wander. They travelled over the curve of her belly to her hips. Efe moaned deeply and sat up, pressing him down onto his back. She pulled her hair loose from the bun it was still in and the weaves swirled around and down to her shoulders.

She leaned forward and let her hair cascade forward, slowly moving her head back and forth so the soft, silky strands slid over his chest. She moved onto him, kissed him passionately. Her tongue was soft and it made its way around his lips and inside his mouth, playing hide and seek with his. She bit him, small nips of pleasure, on his neck, ears and shoulders. He groaned deeply and she gave him a moment to recover. His hands were now moving everywhere over her, and wherever they touched, her body welcomed.

He held her ribs and eased her up over his head. His mouth found her nipples again and he circled his tongue around them. She arched her back and couldn’t stop murmuring his name over and over. He slid down her body, kissing his way down her torso. The cool air from the air-conditioner felt cold on her skin and she began to feel vulnerable. She pulled him back up and their lips meshed again. She pulled away after a while but only to run her fingers over the scars on his face. She caressed them like a prayer, and then rested her head on his shoulder. When she kissed the pulse throbbing near his ear, he whispered, “Is this what you want?”

Efe paused at his question. Was this what she really wanted? A part of her mind again warned caution but all parts of her body screamed in the affirmative. Want continued to unfurl in her belly and heat raced over her skin in waves.

She got to her feet, “Let’s go into the bedroom.”


Hope this was not too hot?

Have a nice weekend people and remember to have fun. MWAH!