Debate Tuesday - Who makes these rules anyway?

What rules am I talking about you ask? Dating Rules of course. I was reading one of my favorite blog magazines, The Ladies Room, and they had asked some ladies how they fared on sticking to these rules. The question came to me immediately. Who makes these rules anyway? I am glad the ladies from the ladies room gave varied and interesting answers and did not always stick to how it was 'supposed' to be done.

The vexing thing is that these rules range from one end of the spectrum to the other so that if one is not careful, they end up running your life for you. There are guides on when and where to meet for the first date, what to talk about, what NOT to talk about, who should call the other first after the date, HOW - call, email, text - When to have the first kiss, When, IF, how, and where to have sex, When talk about each other, HOW to discuss any exes, when to meet friends or family, WHO pays for the first date, and so on and so on till infinity! OMG...I'm glad I bypassed all these rules and I'm very happy with how my relationship is turning out.

Anyway, I have collected some of the ones I found in various places, from Cosmo - that quintessential women's magazine, to Vogue, to Harper's, Sydney Herald, you name it. They are below. As you can see, many of them are contradictory to each other. It seems one columnist or editor wakes up one fine morning and cranks out the first ideas in his or her head and viola, Rules are born! For me, only the last one stands. However it stands, Whenever it ends, whatever happens in the middle, just have fun.

Feel free to tear into as many as you can.

Rule 1: The first date must always be lunch.
Rule 2: Always arrive with friends and always have somewhere to go
Rule 3: Don't sleep with him
Rule 4: Quit the texting
Rule 5: Make him prove that he'll take care of you
Rule 6: Rise above the guilt trip
Rule 7: Have multiple love interests
Rule 8: Have as much sex as you want
Rule 9: Ask men out
Rule 10: Don't tell your girlfriends
Rule 11: Don't assume you're the only one
Rule 12: Stick to texting
Rule 13: Stay clear of Facebook
Rule 14: Don't forget men have feelings too!
Rule 15: Diss men who make you mad
Rule 16: Never pay for the first date
Rule 17: Don't talk about the ex
Rule 18: Always pay your way
Rule 19: Have a code with girlfriend to end a bad date
Rule 20: Have fun


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