A Floodtide of Sweet Passion - WIP

Have you felt anything resembling the title? I think I recall it being the title of a romance novel I read ages ago. Well read on and tell me if it's apt here.

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Kevwe opened the door and was shocked at the sight before him. Efe stood with her arms wrapped around her body. Her dress was plastered to her skin and dripped water onto the doormat lettered WELCOME. Her teeth were chattering and she shivered intermittently.

“Efe, Efe what is it?” he asked in dismay. She was thoroughly soaked.

“Nothing,” she replied hugging herself.

“Oh my God!” Kevwe exclaimed as he scooped her up and carried her into the bathroom.

“What happened?” He questioned again after he had run a hot bath for her.

“I’ll tell you later,” Efe whispered. She bent down to remove her shoes and another shiver racked her body.

“Can you undress by yourself?” he asked in concern.

“Yes,” Efe replied. He left her alone to take her bath and closed the door behind him. When he knocked on it later, Efe was out of the tub and wrapped in a large fluffy towel. Though still cold, she was a bit more composed as she opened the door and stepped out into the bedroom.

“Feeling better? Put this on,” Kevwe commanded handing her his biggest sweater. “I’ll go and get the hot cocoa drink I prepared for you.”

When he left, Efe put on the sweater and moved into the sitting room. Immediately she stepped into the room, Kevwe burst out laughing.

“What’s so amusing?” Efe queried in confusion. The television was on but it was the news showing.

He continued smiling as he answered, “Just look at you, that’s what is making me laugh.”

Efe looked down at herself and started laughing too. It was actually a very funny sight. The length of the sweater got past her knees while the long sleeves hung down her sides with no sign of her hands and fingers.

“But I love the way you look in my clothes,” Kevwe said in a thick voice his eyes moving all over her.

He handed her the cup of cocoa, which he’d laced with a little brandy and cleared his throat before speaking again. “Tell me what happened…”

Efe sipped the hot drink and began to choke.

“I put in a bit of brandy to chase the cold away,” Kevwe explained rubbing her back.

Efe took another sip before she answered the question. The brandy warmed her like liquid fire and seemed to make the cocoa slip faster down her throat.

“Nothing much, I wanted to surprise you by getting here earlier to cook something. We finished the stock of your mum’s frozen food before you travelled. Unfortunately, the taxi I boarded at the campus main gate developed a fault along the way. I had to wait for more than an hour for the driver to go back and get a mechanic to work on the car before we could continue. Then just after Edokpolor…”

“You mean the grammar school?”

“Yes…the vehicle broke down again there.”

“Double wahala,” Kevwe murmured in sympathy.

“Seeing that the clouds were heavy with rain, I decided to quickly finish the journey on foot. However, before I could take more than a couple of steps, the heavens opened and there I was, drenched immediately,” she concluded.

“The funny thing is that it doesn’t even usually rain that much in October.”

“It was a brief rain sha but heavy…”

“Well, it’s better you’re here now,” Kevwe said. “I was so tired after the flight that I didn’t trust myself to drive from the airport so I took an airport taxi. When the rain started, I was wondering how I was to come and collect you since my car is still at the airport.”

“You’re right then,” Efe nodded

“Not good that you got caught in the rain though.”

“I feel much better now. Let me go and prepare something for us to eat…”

“First I want to show you something, come on.”

He beckoned and she stood up and followed him into the bedroom and she sat down on the bed. He opened the big box and brought out a beautifully wrapped packet. Handing it to her, he sat beside her and stared at her expectantly.

“Open it,” he whispered.

Efe unwrapped the gift like one in a dream and the items inside equally robbed her of speech. There was a silver bracelet decorated with two amethyst hearts pierced with one golden arrow and a Cartier wristwatch.

“Turn its back,” He urged gently.

On the back was engraved, “Kevwe LOVES Efe”

Dropping the gifts and their boxes on the bed, she hugged him tightly. She touched her lips lightly to his and he turned it into a full deep kiss. His eyes were open and she felt as if she was drowning in their liquid brown depths. The love and passion he felt for her were boldly written there. Efe could feel a floodtide of sweet passion unlike any she had ever felt before running through her veins. She opened her lips as the kiss intensified and wrapped her arms round his neck.

His mouth was hot and the kiss tasted of brandy and cocoa. Every time they were together, each time they kissed, she wished they would remain like that forever. It was the most exciting feeling she had ever experienced. He broke the kiss and then brought his face close again. He kissed her softly and took it deeper. She hugged him harder till it felt like every inch of their skin touched. She knew it was still raining and so it felt even better being inside in the warm cocoon of the arms of the man who loved her. She sighed and kissed him harder.

Kevwe slipped his arms under the sweater and ran them up and down her back. When his hands moved to her belly, warning bells started to ring in her head but the sensations running over her body were too exquisite. He cupped her breasts and rubbed his thumbs over the tips. Efe moaned and her head dropped on his shoulder. He pressed kisses on her forehead and her ears as his hands continued to caress her breasts. Even as her head whispered caution, Efe could feel the last of her resistance slipping away.

Aching to touch him as he was touching her, she unbuttoned his shirt and put her hands on his back marveling at the movement of the muscles. So carried away was she by the heady feelings that she didn’t know when one of his hands moved to her thighs. Kevwe pushed her gently down on the bed following her down to rest lightly on her. More drugging and mind-blowing kisses followed as they both explored each other’s bodies with hands and lips.

When Kevwe put his full weight on her and she felt his arousal pressing urgently into her thigh, it suddenly dawned on Efe that he was completely naked. Her eyes opened sharply and it was as if a bucket of cold water had been poured on her. She looked around in near panic as all the passion drained away. Catching hold of one of Kevwe’s hands which was stroking her intimately, she said in a low husky voice “Kevwe, I think we should stop now.”