The First Kiss - Do you remember yours?

So what was your first kiss like?

We're back with my work in progress. I didn't touch it all the while we were in New York and now Efe seems to be in a bad mood. This is a scene I wrote earlier. I have to confess that I can hardly remember my first kiss but I think it is much like the one between Efe and Kevwe below. The first commenter will get to see Chapter one of the first draft of Ghost of the Past - that is if they want of course. Enjoy and let me hear your comments.


“I’m so tired,” Efe groaned. The bench under her was hard and unyielding and through the wide open windows, the sun shone with an intensity she could almost feel from her seat. She was still inside the hall though her lectures for the day were over. Kevwe, who had waited outside during the last one had now come in to join her. “I just want to go back to the hostel and have some rest.”

“Let’s go for a stroll. Please…” Kevwe asked. He sat down beside her and tried to get her to smile by chucking her chin.

“How was your own day?” Efe asked smiling at him.

“So-so. It feels strange knowing I’m now in final year.”

Efe finally laughed. “I also feel like I’m still in Year One.”

“Shall we go then?” Kevwe got up and stretched out a hand to her.

She looked at him for a moment and got up. She rummaged through her handbag for her sunglasses and put them on as they stepped outside. They passed through the main gates and into the road leading to BCPA Estate. The sun, behind them now, was about to set over the treetops, its rays played on the houses and threw liquid patterns on the gently waving tall grasses by the roadside. They took the graded road that ran through the Estate, leading off to the different university suburbs.

After a few metres, at Kevwe’s direction, they turned off by the bye-pass near Oluku Motor Park. Kevwe steered her to a table in front of a shop with Ochino’s on the signpost. As soon as they sat down, a tall muscular Asaba woman swooped on them. She called him by name and fussed over them before finally taking their orders. Efe ordered a bottle of soft drink. Kevwe wanted her to ask for something else, maybe pepper-soup, but she declined. They were just getting to know each other and she didn’t feel too comfortable asking much from him. The drinks were brought by a younger girl who opened them before leaving them alone.

The time passed quickly as the conversation ebbed and flowed between them. There was plenty of laughter and smiles and eventually some pepper-soup as they talked. It was dark by the time they left the restaurant. Again they fell into step as they began walking back to her hostel. Just before they got there, Kevwe drew her into a dark corner and stood still while peering into her face.

“You know we’re more than simply friends now?” he asked. They had been seeing each other almost daily now for the past few months and all their friends knew them as a couple.

“Are we?” was her whispered reply.

“I really like you Efe and it would be good to know how you feel towards me. Do you think we can have something more?”

“I also like you Kevwe.” Efe let the confession roll off her lips. “I like you a lot. I’m only afraid that we’re too young.”

Kevwe continued looking at into her face but his hold softened. He knew how shy and reticent she was about speaking her mind and especially showing her emotions. That she’d just expressed her feeling for him so bluntly moved him a lot.

Kevwe drew her closer to him and wrapped one arm around her waist. “Yes, we’re young but that only means we have a lot of time. I see a very rich future with both of us together. I am already planning for it. For both of us. Are you with me?”

Efe had remained silent as he made this heart-felt speech. She would’ve loved to be more than friends but....

“I just don't know,” she didn’t know when commented aloud.

“Look at me.” Kevwe stared straight into her eyes, “Efe, I told you that you can trust me and I mean it. I wouldn’t do anything you didn’t want me to do, believe me. All I want to know is that my plans are not in vain. Are we a couple?”

Efe continued looking at him and then her eyes fell to her twisting fingers. No guy had ever rattled her like this. It was exactly why she didn’t want to get involved in any relationship that was not solely on an academic basis. She had some male friends who she only studied with. But she also liked Kevwe dearly. The times she had spent in his company last semester had been fun. She was attracted to him too and did not want to lose him without giving them a chance.

She nodded with a bent head.

He placed his hand, which had been stroking her hair at her nape, then brought up the other one. He placed it on her cheek and used that to raise her face.

“May I?” Kevwe whispered. He looked at her with all the affection he felt for her. He was a little scared, embarrassed that she would say no and back down but he tried not to show it.

Efe knew what was about to happen, and she wasn’t going to miss it. Not after confessing her feelings to him. She was attracted to Kevwe, had been almost from the first time they met. She now wanted to know what it would feel like to really kiss a guy. Kevwe would be her first in this. She nodded and closed her eyes.

The kiss was like a butterfly brush at first. He kissed both corners of her lips tenderly before finally covering her lips with his. Kevwe kissed her with his whole heart, pouring all his feelings into the kiss. He licked at her lips till she opened them to enable him take the kiss deeper. He sucked on the softness of her tongue and ran his over her teeth and the further recesses of her mouth. He came back to her soft lips, biting and sucking on them in turn.

She responded in kind, and began to suck on his tongue when it came into her mouth. He was thrilled but it didn’t last long enough for him. She soon ended the kiss, pulling away to place her head on his shoulders and hold him tightly as if afraid to let go.


*African Couple Kissing - iStock from Google images.