WIP - Two fighting...over a boy?

This is another excerpt from my work-in-progress (WIP) manuscript. Like I said at the beginning, there may be a lot of typos, grammar and punctuation errors which I'm not bothered about for now. What I would like are your feelings about the story, the characters, are they realistic, can you feel with them, can you see them? Remember, many things are subject to change, and even though I post the scenes chronologically, I am not giving you everything. You don't really expect me to do that, right? LOL...enjoy...


It was noon five days later when a fight broke out between the two girls in Room 20, the room next to Ijeoma's.

“You, what do you know?” Nancy screamed at Ozioma, “You are nothing but...”

“Don't dare say it,” Ozioma shouted back approaching her menacingly, by then Ijeoma and her friends were already in the room.

“Don't you dare say it...”

“Why shouldn't I?” Nancy answered back fearlessly standing closer to her adversary.

“You'll be seriously dealt with,” Ozioma replied.

“By who, you?” Nancy sneered in derision.

She was the smaller girl of the two but never believed anything or anyone for that matter was above her. A stubborn girl, she was at loggerheads with almost all the girls in the flat. Only Ozioma, her roommate, still had the guts to stand up to her. It wasn't that Nancy was so strong but who wanted to quarrel or fight?

Ijeoma didn't know what then prompted her to involve herself in the quarrel.

“Nancy, cool down now, why are you always provoking others?” She asked in a soothing voice. Nancy reaction stunned her.

“What! What is your concern, Ijeoma; can't you mind your own business? So I won't hear again because of you? Eh! Eh!” She screamed turning completely toward Ijeoma.

Ijeoma was dumbfounded. She couldn't believe her eyes. What had she done? Unknown to her, Nancy had fallen in love with Ifeanyi. She was a third year student of the same department with him and she had equally gathered that he was interested in Ijeoma only. Now she poured out her vitriol on Ijeoma. To her this was a chance not to be passed over, as Ijeoma was normally a quiet girl.

“Eh, Ijeoma,” she continued, “I am talking to you or have you gone dumb?”

Ozioma who was equally as surprised as Ijeoma but who wasn't tired of their case yet called Nancy back, “Nancy! Nancy...”

Nancy ignored her and got hold of the collar of Ijeoma's blouse. “Ijeoma do your worst today. I'm ready for you,”

Ozioma and the rest of the girls were dumbfounded. They knew Ijeoma and were wondering how she would extricate herself from Nancy. Nneka tried to come between them but Nancy pushed her to the wall. Surprised she stood by silently wondering the next line of action. It was Ozioma, who couldn't stand it any more, that prised Nancy's fingers off Ijeoma and pulled her away.

Nancy whom it seemed was beyond control charged her recklessly. Ozioma was large and seeing Nancy coming, she embraced the cliché that attack was better than defense. She took a stride forward, widened her legs and slapped Nancy soundly on both cheeks.

Stunned, Nancy stopped in her tracks but she knew that her bluff had been called. Vituperating harshly, she went into her room after a while and banged the door with the final words “Don't worry. You will all see.”

The girls who had gathered looked at each other in silence and broke up into groups to gossip about what had just happened. Ijeoma thanked Ozioma and then went into her room with Nneka to change. One of her roommates had traveled the previous day and the other, Joan, had already left for class.

“Wow, that was a close shave,” Nneka murmured sitting down on one of the beds and wiping off imaginary sweat from her forehead.

As Ijeoma took off her blouse, she said in a muffled voice, “What could have prompted such an attitude from Nancy towards me?”

“I wonder,” Nneka replied “She was so angry at you all of a sudden; I couldn't believe my eyes. She was holding you by the collar...”

“Can you recall how she pushed you to the wall single-handedly. You are really a fly weight...” Ijeoma recalled laughing at the picture in her mind.

“And Nancy is Mike Tyson, the heavy weight champion,” Nneka put in ironically.

After a moment of silence, they burst out laughing as the humour of the situation struck them. As Ijeoma put on another blouse, Nneka stood up and started gesticulating.

She spoke in a comical commentator's voice. “First opponents in the ring, Nancy and Ozioma, Ijeoma comes in on Ozioma's side and Nancy the champion turns on her.”

“The referee, Nneka Okeke comes to the rescue and the champion further displays her strength,” Ijeoma joined in and whistled. “The first opponent Ozioma jumped into the fray again with two fast slaps to the champion,” she intoned.

“Who retired to lick her wounds,” Nneka finished commentator-style and they had a laughing fit all the way to the class just thinking and talking about the event.