Uppers and Downers

Hi people,

Just to ask for some slack. I know I have not been doing my rounds as usual. I'm really missing knowing what's up with you guys. The reason is that the past couple of days have been chaotic for us, both good and bad.

So what was good? We had a housewarming for our new place and it was a great get together. Good company, great food (allow me to hail myself, I catered...lol) and flowing conversation. Trust it all boiled down to Nigerian politics once the Non-Nigerians present had left. And let me mention that our naija people sabi come late eh? Talk about fashionably late, some guests came more than two hours after the time we gave for the event. It was also nice that we had some of the food left over especially the great salad SO had broken a few nails over.

The bad? We were so tired afterwards that we went almost directly to bed. The next morning, it turns out that my delicious rice, the leftover of which I had left in the oven, had gone off. Ahh, it pained me oo, that rice was sweet. I had been looking forward to some ready made dinners and packed lunches for Atala. Oh well, we wrapped it in a trash bag and he went to throw it out. Guess what he found out outside?

Bad stuff number two! His bike had been stolen! That was a huge surprise and disappointment. Someone had broken the plastic pipe he'd chained it to and carried it off. Totally unexpected I tell you. Atala goes to work everyday with that bike and loves riding on nice weekends too. He really liked that bike. Anyway we chose to look on the bright side. It wasn't a work day when he would have come out all ready to leave for work with it and then found it missing. And in all things we thank God. Such is life. He has ordered another one today, and life goes on.

I've tried to catch up at some of your blogs but I think I needed to get this out of my system. So how have the rest of you all been doing? See you at yours soon.

Have a great week.