Expectations II (Poem)

I’ve known you for over a year
Seemed there was naught to fear
You were more than a listening ear
So I told you that I care

Alas I was not left alone to fare
Tis a burden I no more have to bear
We have come together to share
Times of love, pain and cheer

My heart is open and bare
With you as a king without peer
I promise our love will not be mere
When you become my pair

You will be forever near
Others will have to go to the rear
It will no more be there and here
When I call out you will hear

Because you’re to me most fair
You’ll be all I hold dear
I’ll give you tender repair
Just reach out and I'll be there...

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Saving my all (Poem)

This was written for my SO as a wedding gift

I’ve been saving my words
For the one I love
Now I finally found you
I’ll speak of no other

I’ve been saving my eyes
For the one I love
Now I’ve finally seen you
I’ll look at no other

I’ve been saving my dreams
For the one I love
Now I’ve finally know yours
We can share our dreams

I’ve been saving myself
For the one I love
Now I’ve finally met you
I’ll give it to no other

I’ve been saving my heart
For the one I love
Now I’ve given it to you
It will beat for you alone

I’ve been saving my love
Specially for you
Now you're in my life
We'll be together forever

The best Christmas ever.

Edward left the airport taxi before it got to a final stop. He swung his gaze over the row of similar-looking tan colored blocks of flats till he found the one he wanted. He ran over to it and leaped up the narrow stairs to the third floor. A tall middle-aged woman answered his knock. She was a shorter and older version of her daughter and with a much fuller figure. Deep wrinkles lined her eyes, balanced by deep grooves running from nose to mouth but her skin shone and the twinkle in her gaze got his attention.

"Good day and happy Christmas Ma. I am looking for Gladys, does she stay here?"

"Happy Christmas my dear, come on in. You must be Edward..."

“Yes Ma. Are you Gladys’s mother?” He entered the sitting room his gaze immediately going round the undersized space in search of Gladys.

The matriarch nodded her head and gestured him to a hard faux leather armchair while she remained standing. “I thought Gladys was supposed to come and meet you at the airport?” She asked.

Edward almost leaped off the edge of the chair "Has she left already? The flight was changed due to some unknown reasons.”

"Oh Gladys is still around." Her mother replied smiling. “She told me of your misunderstanding. I’m glad you were able to get over it. I will go and …”

She was still speaking when Gladys made her entrance, eyes radiant.

“Edward, you’re here early!” She walked quickly to his side basking in the smile blooming on his lips. “Mama, I can see you’ve met Edward.”

“Yes I have. He said his flight was shifted forward.”

“Oh, I’m so glad you’re here.” Gladys murmured as moving closer to him as her mother beamed. When the older woman turned and left the room, Edward stood up and opened his arms for Gladys to walk into. They were still in a hug when someone cleared their throat behind her.

“Excuse me…”

Edward shifted Gladys to one side and noticed a tall young man staring at them with raised eyebrows. The guy held his gaze and leaned back against the doorjamb.

Gladys turned and relaxed back into his arms. “Edward this is Olisa, he’s the middle brother. The others will be out soon I guess.” And true to her word, the other two were right behind him. They were all very tall and only the youngest was the same height as him. “This is Ngozi, the eldest, and Udoka.”

“Hello, good afternoon.” They all walked up and shook his hand. Olisa seemed to find particular pleasure in showing he was the taller one, walking up close and pumping his palm in a tight grip. Edward suppressed his smile and returned the greetings.

“How was your flight?” Ngozi asked after everyone found places to seat in the small room. Gladys was perched on the arm of his chair.

“It was fine and left earlier than planned. I’m very glad I didn’t miss it so I get to spend more time here with you guys.”

“Yeah, I was to come pick you up at the airport with Gladys.” Olisa threw in.

Gladys nudged him. “He’s the one that loves cars. My mum has a small car which he’s managed to keep on the road beyond all expectations.”

“Thanks, I got an airport taxi…”

“Do you want us to go down and get your bags?” Udoka asked leaning forward

“There’ll be no need; I’ve rented the car for the day.”

Gladys whispered in his ear that she was going to join her mum in the kitchen to finish their lunch and then stood up and left the room. Edward hoped she hadn't left him in the lion's den.

“Did you like what you’ve seen of the city?” Udoka asked.

Apart from being tiny compared to Lagos? “Emm…I’ve not seen much. We drove straight here from the airport through the expressway.” Her youngest brother had a boyish face but very earnest eyes. “It was quite a drive though.”

“We’ll take you to see some of the sights if you like.”

“That’ll be great. You can join us on the way back to the hotel.”

“How come you didn’t drive up with your car? After she had talked about it earlier I looked forward to seeing it when Gladys said you were coming down for Christmas.”

“That would have been the last resort if I didn’t get a ticket. I’ve heard horror stories of the holiday traffic jams on the Onitsha Bridge.”

They all laughed and Olisa began to describe his own experience the day before Christmas Eve on his way back from the University of Benin. Edward was gladdened that her brothers took to him. He removed his outer jacket and relaxed back into his chair. Gladys and her mother soon called them over to the cramped dining room and served up a delicious onugbu soup and pounded yam. The discussion was fast as furious between all of them as they ate, and Edward was glad he had made it down to Enugu. This was his best Christmas ever.

Will you have Christmas lunch with us?

Gladys is that you?" Edward stood up from his chair and stalked over to the windows. He almost hadn’t answered the phone when he saw the strange number, but he was now glad he had. "I’ve been trying to call you."

"I’m sorry to be calling you at work.”

The unease in her voice must be because they had not spoken in over a week. "You know that has never been a problem Gladys. To tell you the truth, my mind couldn't be on the job. I've been calling your number for the past few days. The girl on the phone said you were not there..."

"I have to apologize for that. Aunt Isioma has a new house help who was receiving your calls without telling anyone in the house."

"I was worried you had traveled."

“I am actually in Enugu right now…”

“I hope it’s not because of what happened last week?”

“That had a bit to do with it. I didn’t want to spend Christmas in Lagos when we were on such terms. But I’m glad I came back, I’m enjoying being with my family.”

“How are your mum and brothers?”

“They're fine. None of them is here though. I’ve probably not been very good company.” She laughed at herself.

"Gladys I know the stress I've put you through. I’m sorry about that. I was serious about the proposal but not the way it came out. That was thoughtless, please accept my apology."

When she remained silent, he continued, "I've not been myself since that day. I felt terrible after you left and the only reason I didn’t call the next day was because I wanted us to calm down. After that I had many things to sort out in my head. And then I couldn’t get through to you…”

“I’m sorry too Edward, I guess I could have called you too. As the days passed and you didn’t call, I assumed the worst. But I was about to call you when my aunt called."

"I’ve got to tell you this Gladys; I can't hold it back any longer. I'm really in love with you and was just too afraid to acknowledge it. I cherish you with all my heart, body and soul.”

He heard her gasp. “What are you saying Edward?”

"I have thought about it a lot both before and after my blunder last week. But each time I picked up the phone I put it down because I know what pain those three little words can bring. I have loved people who almost destroyed my life. When I left my last foster home, I swore never to care so much for anyone. What they did was doubly painful because I had put so much stock by them. I realized that when I stopped caring, the sting of what happened left me. I made up my mind from then to keep my emotions out of all my dealings with people.”

“I’m so sorry Edward. You never told me all this before now.”

“I will tell you all about it later.” Edward took a deep breath and continued; "I knew I had fallen in love with you almost two months ago. It was so difficult to deny it after that day at the beach; I dreamt I asked you to marry me. I didn't want to admit the reason even to myself, I only knew that I wanted you.”

“Edward, why didn’t you let me know?”

“I should have, but I was already involuntarily shoring up my defenses. However, this week has taught me a lot. I have to learn to trust you and your love for me. My life won’t be the same without you. I prefer you in it so I have decided to give my heart a chance to love again.”

“At least you believe that I love you.” There were tears in her voice.

“Please don’t cry Gladys. Forgive me for trying to sabotage the relationship.”

“I can’t bear a grudge against you, I forgive you Edward. I now also understand part of why you did and said some of the things you did.”

He couldn’t hold back the declaration. “I love you Gladys.”

The sound of her laughter raised his spirits. “I love you too,” she replied.

“Have dinner with me on Boxing day so that I can tell you more.”

“Aren’t you in Lagos? I'm in Enugu.”

“Since when did distance stop me? Do we have a date or not?”

Gladys laughed out loud. “Will you have lunch with us on Christmas day?”

“It will be my pleasure darling. I’ll see you soon.”

He flipped the phone shut when they concluded the conversation and summoned his personal assistant immediately to book a flight ticket for him.

Tolani again?

Isioma shut the hot noon sun out and walked into the cool interior of the house. At the top of the stairs, the open door caught her eye. She shuffled over, her rather large purse trailing behind her. What was Tolani doing with a mobile phone, and in Gladys’s room too?

The new maid kept the phone at a safe distance from her ear as she stammered, "Oga, no one like that for here.”

“Oga nobody dey for house.” Tolani repeated another couple of times.

"I no know who you ask for...” The girl put the phone down on the bedside table and only then noticed her standing by the door.

"Tolani, what are you doing with that phone?” Isioma asked. “Who gave you a phone and why are you here?” She plodded to the closest bed and sat down. In the four days since Tolani arrived, she had given her more headache than Bunmi had in the same number of years. She kicked off her slippers and stretched out her legs. She didn’t have time for this; Christmas was just a few days away and she had a party to plan.

“Madam, no be my phone be dat. When the phone ring, I come here to pick am.”

“Give me the phone.” Tolani picked up the phone again and handed it to her. “Oh no, this phone belongs to Gladys. She must have forgotten it. Who was that calling?”

“One oga but I no know who him be.”

“"It must have been a wrong number. Did he just call today?”

“Madam, the oga dey call here every day since on Sunday.”

“He has been calling every day? And who has he been asking for?”

"He say he wan speak to one Gladys. I tell am say the person no live for here..."

"What? But that is my niece's name!” Isioma shouted and sat up. "Don't you know that? You met her the day you arrived before she travelled.”

"The small madam? Hey, I no know. You just say make I dey call her auntie..."

Isioma glared at her. She interrupted her without pause, "Did you get his name?

"Him name na... hem...”

“I’m sure it was Edward…

“That’s it. Yes ma, him name na Edward..."

"God! Why didn't you tell me this before now?”

"I sorry madam, I forget. I no know who him be and you no dey house when he call. The man dey very very angry today..."

"Why won't he be angry?” Aunt Isioma wasn’t speaking to Tolani anymore. She dashed to her feet and strode to her own room. In the next minute she had dialed a number.

"Good afternoon Aunt Isioma."

“Good afternoon my dear, how come you answered your mother’s phone?”

“Mama is not here now and she’s been allowing me to use this. I think I have misplaced my phone somewhere in the flat. Or I may have lost it along the line on my way back to Enugu."

“Your phone was in your room here. I just found out this afternoon.”

“Oh, that’s good to hear. I have been worried sick.”

“Then you won’t be happy to hear this. I don't know what to with this new girl.”

"What has she done this time?”

"Do you know she doesn't even know your name? Edward has been calling your phone daily. She will go into your room, pick the call and inform him that there's no one here by that name. And she never even told me about it."

There was a long pause. “Gladys, are you there?”

“Aunt Isioma I am here. I am just so relieved. I'd made up my mind to make the first step and call Edward with Mama’s phone. I was worried about a rejection so it’s good to know the reception I’ll get.”

“I suggest you do that right away.”

Expectations. (Poem)

The things of the heart
Are not always as one expects
Thus you came into my heart
Out of the unexpected
At a time that my heart
Could have least expected
I may give you my heart
In hopeful expectation

If you give me your heart
As I very dearly expect
I will enter your heart
As you’ve been expecting
Then another your heart
Will cease to expect
We will become one heart
Just as we had expected

He'll come back to you.

Gladys began to cry quietly. “Thanks for saying that, I really appreciate it. It’s not as if I doubt it but it would be easier to ignore all the rumors if I were sure of Edward’s love.”

“And that’s another way you’re different from me and the main reason I’m telling you this now. You’re making the effort to know your man which I didn’t. Everyone said I shouldn’t lose this rich suitor so I grabbed on with both hands. I married for convenience and maybe that was the root of the rift that later occurred. I regretted my choices when it was already too late.”

“So you didn’t know he would be this way when you got married to him?"

“I had no idea. I came to Lagos at eighteen to learn fashion and designing with a woman from our village. The apprenticeship didn’t work out and I started casual work at one of the factories owned by my husband’s family. That was where we met and a year later we were married. I never asked if my background was a problem and just believed that if he could marry a poor girl, he would accept my family as well. We both know it didn't turn out that way."

“I hear you.” Gladys paused and wiped her face. “And that is why I want to be totally sure of Edward’s motives for wanting marriage. I’m certainly not with him for the money and I don’t want to hook up for convenience’s sake. There is no guarantee for the future but at least I think we need to start off from a strong basis of trust, love and respect.”

“That is something that both of you would have to talk through. And yes, he has to care deeply for you and what’s important to you. You have to be sure that he’s someone who can accept compromises too. I have found that one of the most important things in a partner.”

“I don’t know if Edward is willing to give us the chance. This may be the end. He hasn’t called in the past week…”

“Why don’t you call him?” Aunt Isioma raised both palms at the look Gladys gave her. “OK I know. The man must be the first to capitulate eh? Are you sure you did not say any damning things during the disagreement? Men and their egos can be so easily bruised.”

“I’m sure I didn’t. I only wanted him to spell out how he felt for me. I want him to make a commitment deeper than just wanting me physically.”

“Then don't worry; if it is the same Edward I know, he'll call you. One would have thought his eyes were clear enough on how he feels, but you young people. What can I say; you want to hear the words. Still I’m certain he’ll come back to you.”

"Do you think so? I'm beginning to fear..."

Aunt Isioma put one arm around her shoulders and wiped her tears with the other. "Cheer up dear. Don't lose hope, he’ll surely call. He’s probably deciding on the next step. Give him as much time as he needs to sort his thoughts out OK? It’s probably better you’re going to meet your family in Enugu. They’ll take your mind off things. And please do cheer up; Christmas day is next week you know?"

Gladys smiled and returned to her packing.

And he agreed to wait?

“You’re not intimate with him yet? And he agreed to wait?”

Gladys sighed. “We discussed it and he seemed to accept that I would prefer the relationship to be very well established before we made love. But he's not been handling the wait very well.”

“Did you tell him you wanted to get married first?”

Gladys covered her face with both hands. “That would be ideal wouldn’t it? But no, I just want a commitment from him both in feelings and actions.”

“You’ve been dating a while. Did it only come up as points of discussion? He never had any problems with it practically?”

“Well it cropped up a few times when I stopped things from going too far. This time, he was really annoyed and played the marriage card.”

“You mean that you had been holding out for marriage?"

“He didn’t say it in those words but I was still insulted by the way he raised it.”

“Edward should have known you would take it hard.”

Gladys sighed and rubbed her eyes, "I don’t know what got into him that night..."

"When did this happen? Let me guess, Thursday night? At her niece's nod she continued with a small smile, "No wonder you've been so moody since then. But you should know that by now that sexual frustration can make men do strange things.”

“He actually asked me to marry him.”

Aunt Isioma sat up straight. “Did he now? This is more serious than I thought.”

“I’m really confused. I love Edward but I want him to acknowledge that he loves me. In the past, he talked about how he’s much wealthier than I am, asking if I was in the relationship for money. We got over that but I still worry what the future might hold if he cannot trust me enough to give his heart fully to me, to accept me as I am. I’m not ashamed that my family’s not rich; in fact I am proud of the values I learnt from my background.”

Auntie Isioma tapped her teeth for a moment and then spoke, “Your relationship with Edward gives me echoes of how I met my husband.”

Gladys raised her eyes and grimaced, “You mean the classic tale of rich boy, poor girl…”

“But it’s not the same, so don’t allow anyone say otherwise. Yes, not even the tabloids. You are educated and have a proper job. Your mother is doing well and your brothers have their whole lives ahead of them. You also have me and my family in your corner.”

It's about sex

“Gladys, aren't you going to work today?”

"No, I finally decided to take my annual leave so I got ten days off." Gladys came out of the adjoining bathroom to see Aunt Isioma sitting on one of the twin beds. It was late morning on the Monday after her stand-off with Edward, and he was yet to call.

"That was a sudden. I thought you said it was too soon to be entitled to vacation time.”

"I was able to get my manager to agree. The team has a minimal workload." Gladys sat down opposite her aunt and began to fold the clothes beside her.

Aunt Isioma’s gaze went to the suitcase sitting in the corner. "Oh I didn’t notice that. Are you traveling too? You never told me. Where are you going?”

"I’m sorry, that was also a quick decision. I want to spend Christmas with my family, so I’ll be going up to Enugu for a couple of weeks."

“Bunmi just left yesterday and now it’s you.” Bunmi’s father was very sick and her family had asked her to return and help her old mother in their village. “When will you leave?”

“I’ll go and by a bus ticket tomorrow for this Wednesday.”

“Ade can drive you to the station and pick up the new girl on your way back.” Her aunt came over to sit beside her. "But tell me Gladys, are you OK?”

"I’m fine; I just realized that I miss home, Mama and my brothers.”

Her aunt stood up and moved to the window. She fingered her chin as she considered Gladys. “Is this something I have done? Have you finally decided to move out?”

“No, it’s not that…”

“The last time we spoke, you never mentioned this. You were happy enough to spend Christmas here with me and Edward.”

“Aunt Isioma, honestly it's nothing to do with you.”

Her aunt came back to sit opposite her. “Is it Edward then? He has not come by in a while and even if he's out of Lagos, you're not on the phone as much as you used to be.”

Gladys dropped the shirt in her hands. “Well, we're having some problems.”

“You know you can confide in me, don't you? Are you pregnant?”

“No I’m not! I'm not a child and I'm not that naive either.”

"My dear girl, people can make mistakes at any time. After all, it only takes you to sleep with a guy once and that's all."

Gladys could feel her face heat up. Her fingers went to her pajamas bottoms, twisting and smoothing the cotton fabric. This was definitely not a topic she wanted to discuss with her aunt. The first and only sex talk with her mother had been just as uncomfortable. “I wish I could say that was the problem but it's not. Edward and I are at a crossroads. And though it's about sex, it's rather that I wouldn't sleep with him.”

I want to...(Poem)

I want to make you happy
All the days of our life
I want to see you smiling
As I say something nice
I want to satisfy your heart
With every blessing in the world

I want to save your pride
And mend your broken heart
I want to make you forget
That you were ever sad
I want to give you all
That you had ever wanted

I want to bring out the best
That you have inside of you
If only you will let me
I’ll never ever go away
Cos the greatest thing I want
Is just to be with you

Could it be that you’re falling in love?

“In the months you’ve been dating Gladys, you’ve changed a lot Edward. We called you ‘Mr. Ice’ as a joke but it was very apt. I don’t know any other person so much in control of their emotions, especially with women. You were with Bisi for almost two years and were about to consider marriage but you were never as sentimental as you are with Gladys.”

The silence stretched again before Kanayo continued. “You spend every spare minute with her in person or on the phone. Could it be that you’re falling in love with Gladys?”

Edward lay back against the headboard. “I have thought of it, but what exactly is love?”

Kanayo laughed. “That is the billion naira question! If I knew I would have solved most of the world’s problems. But you can begin to tell by the way you feel about her.”

Edward inhaled deeply and let out a rush of air. He stood up and began to pace again. The deep brown rug padded his footsteps as he marched from one end to the other. While he couldn't pinpoint the moment he’d begun to need her so much, he couldn't deny that he did.

“Gladys has asked me this same question. I don’t know what love is, but it’s clear to me that I have very strong feelings for her. The problem is this sexual frustration. I don’t know whether it’s clouding my judgment.”

“But there are other issues on which you guys don’t agree. I remember that heated argument we had about organized religion and how some pastors scam their members.”

“For me, that was just a general debate. Still we’ve talked about and are working through our issues. Did I tell you I dreamt about asking her to marry me? I know I toyed with asking Bisi, but it would have been for convenience. With Gladys, it definitely won’t be settling.”

“You know, I often wondered why it took you from February to May to get together with her.”

“I made moves earlier on but it was clear from the first that she would be different from the other women. I backed out because I couldn’t handle it. You saw me the day at your branch.”

“Yeah, I remember that day. It was obvious you were very attracted to her. And it’s no different today; you still look at her that way."

"Yeah, that was why I ended up pursuing her in spite of my misgivings. She moves me in ways no one else does. I wanted to experience that at least once. Now I'm hooked."

"Another question is how does she really feel? The rumors have been flying, among our friends and in the papers, don’t you care?”

“You mean about her being after my money.” Edward stopped beside the heavy drapes at the netted windows and looked out on the pitch-dark night.

“You’re a very wealthy man Edward and she’s not exactly rolling in it.”

“Gladys is not after my wealth. She loves me.”

Kanayo allowed the silence to go on for a while before he added. “If you are sure, then it may be time to ask yourself serious questions; to bail out or go forward.”

Edward rubbed a hand over his eyes. “I can’t bail out now, Kanayo. Maybe I should have made plans from the beginning when I anticipated the possibility of feeling this way. The signs were certainly there. Sometimes I actually think I’d ask ‘how high?’ if she said ‘jump’. Now I am confused and don’t know the next step to make.”

“Just be cautious my friend, take your time. Men like us don’t just get married. We have to measure how it would affect our professional future. A partner should be able to add value to your business, not take it away. I’m not saying this against Gladys, but think carefully before you make up your mind. Feeling so strongly about a wife may be harmful in the long run.”

Edward let the curtain drop. “I’ll think about what you said. I really think I need time to sort out my thoughts. I’ll get back to you. Sorry for disturbing your sleep.”

“No problem at all, any time.” They soon said their goodnights.

You may need another girlfriend.

Edward stepped out of the shower cubicle dripping water all over the shaggy white bathroom carpet. The water had been cold enough to jolt him out of the confusion of the heated exchange with Gladys. What had started as an erotic interlude had ended in tears and hurled accusations on both sides. Just thinking about it again got his thoughts in a spin.

He hung up the wet towel on its rack and padded into the dark toned bedroom. The unpacked luggage from his last trip almost tripped him up and he stared at it with baleful eyes. That was the reason Gladys had come back with him, but they’d become distracted and hadn’t made it to the bedroom. Edward sighed again, betrayed by the train of his thoughts. He swore as he began to fold clothes into the tall wardrobe; the rest would have to be hung up in the closet.

He was still jet-lagged from his last trip and now he was worried about his relationship with Gladys. They’d been dating for over six months, so what exactly was her problem? He’d brought up marriage in their discussion but she wasn’t impressed. In fact that had back-fired big time. She thought he was out to take advantage of her. He appreciated that she was a virgin, but maybe that wasn’t such a good thing. He was really very frustrated. It was two weeks to Christmas and almost a year since he had last had sex. He picked up his phone.

“Ole boy, why are you calling now? It’s almost midnight.” Kanayo’s voice was groggy.

“Sorry about that but I just had to speak to somebody.”

Edward heard him yawn. “OK shoot, I’m all ears. Hope you’re fine though?”

“Your pal is roasting from frustration, men. I dropped off Gladys a couple of hours ago, came back here and went right to sleep. I just woke up some minutes ago from a bad dream.”

“Bad dream my foot,” Kanayo laughed. “But I know what you mean. So you guys are not doing the do yet? After a night out she should stop over at yours for some loving, no?”

“No,” Edward replied shortly and began to pace the width of the room. He decided not to share the details of the earlier episode. In truth he would never had thought this was a topic he would ever discuss with someone else, but he and Kanayo had become closer in the past year and especially since he started dating Gladys.

“From what I know of Gladys, I’d say she’s a novice. As a rule, I personally avoid those but you’re both grown adults and can make your choices. That said you may need another girlfriend or an assistant.” Kanayo laughed into the sudden uncomfortable silence.

Edward couldn’t imagine why it sounded so loathsome; it wasn't as if he hadn't done it before. But thinking about it now turned his stomach. Of course it had nothing to do with visualizing the pain on Gladys face if she ever found out. He wiped his palm over his face.

“I don’t think I want to do that. I guess I must be getting old.”

The laughter stopped. “You know it can very easy to get a girl, in fact they would be falling over each other to get to you. And Gladys doesn’t have to find out.”

It seemed Kanayo had tapped into his deepest thoughts. Edward’s heartbeat came faster and he could feel his pulse racing. Gladys had become very close and dear to him. She was as beautiful inside as she looked and he found that he never wanted to hurt her any way.

“Even if she doesn’t, it wouldn’t be fair on her.” He went and sat on the wide bed.

I want you to need me (Poem)

A poem I wrote sometime ago for someone special. Trybes asked for some more of my poems so this is it. Hope you all enjoy and tell me what you think...

I want you to need me
Like the air you breathe
I want you to feel me
In everything you do

I want you to love me
And tell me I’m the only one
I want to be the face you see
When you close your eyes

I want to be the touch
You need every single day
I want to be the eyes
That looks deep into your soul

I want to be the part of you
You just can’t live without
I want to be your world
Be everything you ask for

I want to be your reality
Whatever this means and takes
I want to be your fantasy
Be let into your innermost wishes

I want to be your woman
And satisfy your every desire
I want you to need me
Need me like I need you

Will you marry me?

As you all know, these are excepts from my book so I may leave out some clips. This scene is two months after the last episode. Happy reading.

Gladys couldn’t do anything to stop the soft moans that were coming from her. The sound of her cries seemed to make Edward even bolder and he rested his full length alongside hers on the chaise in his sitting room. Arms wrapped about his neck, she kissed him again with an uncontrolled passion. His fingers played tenderly with her now tight nipple as their legs intertwined. Gasping with pleasure, she pushed her hips closer to his and then bit her lip before another groan escaped as Edward bent his head to nuzzle at her breasts.

Her head fell back in utter pleasure and she scratched her nails across his chest, which was exposed by his now unbuttoned shirt. She didn’t remember undoing the buttons, but she was sure she had done it, considering his hands were still busy ridding her of her outfit. One crept higher up her raised skirt to the zip; while the other pushed the top further off her shoulders to better reach the full, perky breasts. He drew one whole nipple into his mouth, raking it roughly with his teeth. She groaned and her hips bucked at the zap of electricity straight to her core.

She clutched at his broad shoulders as he moved back to her lips. Their tongues meshed, dueling in the warm cavern of their open mouths. His hand left her zip to push her skirt up her thighs and she lifted herself till it was bunched around her waist. Both hands moved once more to her aching breasts, lifting both together as he sought the pouting nipples. Gladys pulled him closer and ran her nails down his back. The deep suckling dragged the moans from her again. His hands moved to her hips and brought her closer to feel his hardness. The ringing phone vibrated under her, they were lying on top of her purse. She pushed his hands away and scrambled up.

“Just ignore it.” Edward mumbled and tried to pull her back down.

"We have to stop." Gladys mumbled. She stood up and did up the buttons of her blouse.

“Baby we don’t have to stop, come here.” He lounged back with open arms. A quick glance around the room showed his jacket on a chair and his tie draped on the coffee table. Gladys smoothed down her skirt, picked up the fallen ruffle and began to put her hair in order.

“Don’t tell me you’re ending this here, now?" Edward ran a hand over his head and looked down at himself. His shirt buttons were all undone and his erection was still throbbing.

He’d accompanied her to the employee end of year party by her firm and had loved her scarlet figure hugging blouse with the pencil skirt she wore. Comparing the sheer joy on his face when he joined her at the office with the disappointment on it now clouded her eyes.

Edward didn't know what to do in the face of her tears. After the fallout a couple of months ago, the last thing he wanted was to make her unhappy again. They had resolved that problem and over the past month had grown even closer.

After the deep phone conversations and the way she’d run into his arms at the airport yesterday, he thought they were ready to move their relationship further. When she agreed to come home with him, he’d been hopeful but couldn’t have foreseen it would end like this. He’d wanted her to help him with his unpacking but one thing had led to another and now here they were. He jerked to his feet and started pacing the sitting room floor in front of her.

“Darling, you've said how much you care about me several times but it's not enough. I’m sorry to bring this up again but frankly, we’re both adults. We should..." He stopped.

Gladys prompted after a while. "What?”

He turned his back to her and continued, "These sexual episodes are really hard on me Gladys. You only go as far as YOU want and then you leave me frustrated and wanting you the more. Don’t you care how I feel?”

“I’m not without feelings myself Edward. You know I want you too…”

“I know that and that is why I’m confused.” If he were to be fair, it was obvious there was no pretense in her reaction to his caresses but it seemed she found it easier to switch off. “Don’t you want to see how this ends? We don’t have to just imagine the two of us together fully. I know I want to fill you, make love to you completely…”

The muscles in her stomach jumped but Gladys tamped them down. “I would like that a lot Edward, but we’ve not planned for it or any of the outcomes.”

“Well there’s a way to resolve this. I want us to get married."

“How do you mean?” They’d never talked about marriage in relation to themselves.

Edward said the first thing that came to mind. "Will you marry me?"