I go love ooo...

Ayo laughed and scooted further up the bed. “Oh so you’re up to eating already?”

“Yes, in fact I was ravenous after I woke up this morning. It felt like my abdomen was stuck to my spine. There were eggs for breakfast and steamed rice for lunch; not the best but bearable. I’m still waiting on dinner which will soon be here.”

“How long will you be here?”

“Two nights. I’ll probably be discharged tomorrow evening.”

“Two nights is not so bad. It must be expensive, though.” Jennifer chipped in.

“Aunt Isioma already has a health plan with them; it’s not really that expensive. Also I don’t even think I need stay tonight as I have no problems drinking fluids.”

“It’s been a while since I last saw your aunt. How is she?”

“She’s fine. She was with me through out yesterday. She was the one that called my mother and brothers and Edward too. She was here this morning and will soon be back.”

“That’s very nice of her. Your aunt is always so gracious.”

Gladys nodded. In the year since she’d arrived in Lagos, her aunt had become like a second mother to her. They had grown even closer after she had confided about her late husband’s lack of sympathy and the unhappy prison their marriage had become.

“You said last Sunday that Edward was out of the country and won’t be back till the weekend." Jennifer scooted forward on the armchair. "How did he take the news of you being admitted in hospital?”

“He called last night but I was still too weak to carry on a conversation. He did say he’d wrap up his business and return home as soon as possible.”

“This love is really catching him…”

“I go love ooo." Ayo quipped. "At least you’ll be looking better then.”

“Oh, so you think I timed the illness for when he was away?” All three girls laughed.

“I hope you get well soon. I still need you for my planning, and we must all dance our legs off that night.” Jennifer bounced on her chair and took out some cards from her purse.

“Great, the cards are out.” Gladys reached out and collected one from her. Jennifer’s engagement party had been fixed for the night of Valentine’s Day in just about three weeks time.

“Yes, and you and Edward are the number one guests.”

The girls hashed out a tentative agenda for the party after Gladys had admired the card in glowing terms. They remained with her through dinner until her aunt arrived.