Will you marry me?

As you all know, these are excepts from my book so I may leave out some clips. This scene is two months after the last episode. Happy reading.

Gladys couldn’t do anything to stop the soft moans that were coming from her. The sound of her cries seemed to make Edward even bolder and he rested his full length alongside hers on the chaise in his sitting room. Arms wrapped about his neck, she kissed him again with an uncontrolled passion. His fingers played tenderly with her now tight nipple as their legs intertwined. Gasping with pleasure, she pushed her hips closer to his and then bit her lip before another groan escaped as Edward bent his head to nuzzle at her breasts.

Her head fell back in utter pleasure and she scratched her nails across his chest, which was exposed by his now unbuttoned shirt. She didn’t remember undoing the buttons, but she was sure she had done it, considering his hands were still busy ridding her of her outfit. One crept higher up her raised skirt to the zip; while the other pushed the top further off her shoulders to better reach the full, perky breasts. He drew one whole nipple into his mouth, raking it roughly with his teeth. She groaned and her hips bucked at the zap of electricity straight to her core.

She clutched at his broad shoulders as he moved back to her lips. Their tongues meshed, dueling in the warm cavern of their open mouths. His hand left her zip to push her skirt up her thighs and she lifted herself till it was bunched around her waist. Both hands moved once more to her aching breasts, lifting both together as he sought the pouting nipples. Gladys pulled him closer and ran her nails down his back. The deep suckling dragged the moans from her again. His hands moved to her hips and brought her closer to feel his hardness. The ringing phone vibrated under her, they were lying on top of her purse. She pushed his hands away and scrambled up.

“Just ignore it.” Edward mumbled and tried to pull her back down.

"We have to stop." Gladys mumbled. She stood up and did up the buttons of her blouse.

“Baby we don’t have to stop, come here.” He lounged back with open arms. A quick glance around the room showed his jacket on a chair and his tie draped on the coffee table. Gladys smoothed down her skirt, picked up the fallen ruffle and began to put her hair in order.

“Don’t tell me you’re ending this here, now?" Edward ran a hand over his head and looked down at himself. His shirt buttons were all undone and his erection was still throbbing.

He’d accompanied her to the employee end of year party by her firm and had loved her scarlet figure hugging blouse with the pencil skirt she wore. Comparing the sheer joy on his face when he joined her at the office with the disappointment on it now clouded her eyes.

Edward didn't know what to do in the face of her tears. After the fallout a couple of months ago, the last thing he wanted was to make her unhappy again. They had resolved that problem and over the past month had grown even closer.

After the deep phone conversations and the way she’d run into his arms at the airport yesterday, he thought they were ready to move their relationship further. When she agreed to come home with him, he’d been hopeful but couldn’t have foreseen it would end like this. He’d wanted her to help him with his unpacking but one thing had led to another and now here they were. He jerked to his feet and started pacing the sitting room floor in front of her.

“Darling, you've said how much you care about me several times but it's not enough. I’m sorry to bring this up again but frankly, we’re both adults. We should..." He stopped.

Gladys prompted after a while. "What?”

He turned his back to her and continued, "These sexual episodes are really hard on me Gladys. You only go as far as YOU want and then you leave me frustrated and wanting you the more. Don’t you care how I feel?”

“I’m not without feelings myself Edward. You know I want you too…”

“I know that and that is why I’m confused.” If he were to be fair, it was obvious there was no pretense in her reaction to his caresses but it seemed she found it easier to switch off. “Don’t you want to see how this ends? We don’t have to just imagine the two of us together fully. I know I want to fill you, make love to you completely…”

The muscles in her stomach jumped but Gladys tamped them down. “I would like that a lot Edward, but we’ve not planned for it or any of the outcomes.”

“Well there’s a way to resolve this. I want us to get married."

“How do you mean?” They’d never talked about marriage in relation to themselves.

Edward said the first thing that came to mind. "Will you marry me?"